Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Trek to the Temple

I can finally say that...I am endowed! After all those years of singing, "I love to see the temple, and I'm GOING THERE someday," Thursday August 22nd, 2013, I finally stepped foot INTO the ground floor of the temple, and was not just redirected to the basement. Call that an upgrade??! haha just kidding-or because technically, the baptismal font is on the same floor as where the rest of the endowment session takes place in the Taipei Temple. Oh wellll! I still loved every moment and chance I had to be in the Taipei, Temple, and more so, to be worthy to step foot into the House of the Lord. It was indeed a very special day to have my mom there with me- along with many other members of the Songshan Ward...let me tell you all a bit of my "Trek to the Temple," because to be honest, the process was not all that easy. I would love to take what happened and blame it on the power of some actual being from the unseen world, but I'll admit, like usual, it was because I was as clumsy as ever. hah- that's all old news. 

     1st : made an appointment with the temple for the week before I left to Hawaii. Canceled it, because this time, I really didn't feel ready. It all felt really rushed, so I postponed it- which was okay, so I scheduled it for the Wednesday that I got back.

     In the meantime, brought my temple recommend to Hawaii thinking that my mom MIGHT decide to fly out so I could get endowed with Sharon there by my side as well. Sadly, that plan backfired and I returned back to Taiwan- which was alright as well...although Laie Temple, man, that would've been cool.

     2nd: canceled this appointment again comes the clumsy-Tiff part of the story. I was foolish enough to use my temple recommend as a bookmark and ended up leaving that book in Hawaii for Sharon to read, I even thought that I was doing her a good deed. But, NOPE. Foolish and forgetful me. 

    I swear, by this point, I bet the temple workers thought that I was becoming inactive or something. 

     With all these roadblocks that came and went, I was lucky that everything turned out for the better. My dear sister Sharon came to the rescue once again- and I say again because those who know me knows that this was not the first.(thanks Shar, you da best!) Sharon was able to mail my temple recommend to me, WHICH, coincidentally arrived right in time for me to go to the temple on my ward temple day, accompanied by many other familiar faces. So! There you go, TADA! I planned it all along! I just didn't want to be alone! YUP, brilliant me! (haha, my mom would kill me if she saw this...or when she sees this...haha)

So finally, I was very lucky to have two English speaking temple workers scheduled to accompany me throughout the process- Sister You (a Taiwanese-American lady from San Jose California, and Sister Woodward-a Senior missionary). They were both very sweet ladies that made the event that much more spiritual and memorable, which helped me feel that much more comfortable in an unfamiliar setting. 

Some may think that these are my own justifications for my mistakes, but in the end, I would like to take what happened and see it as my Heavenly Father watching out for me, and helping me feel right at home on the day that I got endowed. Thank goodness He is there to watch over me...along with my mom and sister, and family members...otherwise, who knows where I'd be or where I'd end up...haha Welp, with that, I love to see the temple, and I'm definitely going there AGAIN!

This was taken on my second trip to the temple. 
I love my Mommy!


  1. I love this story!!! Can't believe you're already endowed. I'm so happy for you! Miss you, pretty girl!

  2. Yes, I am pretty awesome for always picking up after you :P What would you do without me?! With that said, I am so proud of you! I wish I could've been there with you in the temple. Love ya!