Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dinkytown: Week 10- Losing Track of Time!

Another week has passed. Which means a week and a half let before we have transfers again! Crazy! That means Sister Smith might be leaving me, and new Chinese sisters will be coming in! Can you believe that?!

Speaking of Chinese sisters, this past week was a definitely just like the last. Lots of heavy lifting, and self refining, and trusting in the Lord. First off, we had a new found realization that was sort of like a stab to the heart, but which was definitely must needed. This past week, the Elders and Sister Smith and I were sort of chastised by President Clements. Apparently, we misunderstood the plan of action of exactly how he envisioned the Chinese work moving along in the TC YSA ward. With my arrival, I knew that I am opening doors by knowing how to speak the Chinese language and by helping the chinese learn the Gospel through their native language. However, we were not aware of the fact that Sister Smith and I were supposed to be TEACHING all of the Chinese investigators. We have been teaching some, and mostly in English with clarifications done in Chinese. However, that was definitely not what President intended for me to be doing.

It was shocking to hear that, and to think that I haven't been doing exactly what President Clements have been wanting me to do, and to think that I wasn't wise enough to have asked and clarified otherwise. However, it was enlightening to be reminded of the greater plan that the Lord has for me and for this area. I am honored and humbled once again to be serving Him and to be helping Him move his kingdom ahead, especially the work in China. I am truly so blessed to be teaching and working with some of China's brightest and most brilliant students here at the University of China. They are going to be such amazing leaders back in their home countries one day. I can just see it and I have such great faith that things are happening fast. Read (D&C 90:11). 

Now I am focused again on my purpose and my work to be done here- what the Lord has called me here to Minnesota for. President has instructed me to start reading the Book of Mormon all in Chinese, and I have gladly taken up his counsels. I love the Book of Mormon, and I know it will be a challenge to read it in Chinese, but simply from the past few days, I have been shocked and surprised by how much of it I can understand. I am so excited to think of how much I can learn by doing so.The Lord is empowering me from on high, and blessing me with the gift of languages. I will give you all updates later on of how it goes!

As for now, I will keep this email short, but please do continue to pray for Karem, Naye and Pan and all the rest!
Karem and Naye are getting baptized this week! Its been truly blessings beyond words to have had the chance to be acquainted with them and to have had the chance to participate and be a part of both of their conversions. The Lord is being so good to me by blessing me with two of his strongest daughters as my first baptisms. I am overjoyed and so very humbled. They are going to do and work miracles for their families. I can just feel it in my bones and guts!

Love you all so very much!
Sister Pao

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