Monday, May 12, 2014

Dinkytown: Week 31 "Happy Mother's Day!!!"

Oh it sure was a delight to have Skyped with all of you last night! I am so immensely blessed with a beautiful, ever changing for the BETTER, family. I am so proud to be related to such beautiful (handsome: didn't forget you, Dad and Robby..oh and Carson! hehe), loving, and awesome people.
I just love you all so much and all I can say is that, we sure are a blessed family.
Oh I've got to share with you all the miracles of our wonderful investigator, Ming Long. Ming Long was one of my first miracles during like my first several weeks out in the field. We had met him on campus, and didn't really expect much from him...didn't even set up an official meeting with him. but somehow, amongst all the confusion and misunderstanding, he showed up for an appointment one Sunday evening. When Sister Smith and I had first seen him, we couldn't even remember his name, embarrasingly enough! We met with him consecutively then teaching him all the first lessons and commandments, and set a date with him to be baptized. He said he would prepare for baptism, but he struggled a lot still with the idea of why we cannot drink tea, and amongst that concern, he had a lot more philosophical issues because he had previously studied a lot of different chinese philosophy. Despite all that he was still really willing to learn. Take note that this was all back in October 2013! After meeting with him for a few weeks or so back then, he texted us suddenly one day saying that because of some school issues, he was not a "free man" like he had thought he was (those were the words that he said). He said that he could not get baptized, and because of that, he could not keep meeting with us anymore. We were devestated! However, we knew that he was a great guy, and that he still had a lot of potential, and the want to learn. Fast forward to this new year. We kept in touch with him all these months, inviting him to things, and looking out for him, and shooting him friendly texts all along the way. Because of all these great interactions and friendships that he has felt here, he called us to see if he could meet with us again in March! It was such an exciting moment for me to see someone actively reach out to us and to want to meet with us. Ming Long still cannot be baptized here in the US because his school and governemnt back in China is sponsoring him as a visiting scholar, doing research here in the US. One of the restrictions of the contract that he signed was apparently that he could not be baptized, or be converted or something of that sort. However, we are considering and looking into different options for him, such as going to HK when he does return in August to be baptized. He was all in for that, and we are suuuuper stoked to help him and to see how things will progress from there. Ming Long is sooo cool and awesome! Oh and over the summer, he is going to bring us to give us a tour of his Civil Engineering Labratory which is underground or something. He focuses on the research of Debris Flow, and thus he spends a lot of times calculating the fall of marbles rolling down chute or a tube. Sounds like kindergarten to me! haha Dropping marbles down a slope or a slide. haha
Sorry that was super duper long, but long story short, I know that despite our purpose as missionaries right now is to invite people to come unto Christ, and not merely to be their friends, but in the end, we are all building eternal friendships here as we truly care for the welfare of each and individual soul and child of God. I am excited to have friends from all over China-- who are all brilliant may I say,-- after my mission here! I pray that they will progress and grow, and continue to flourish in the Gospel as I have seen my family do so. That is the greatest blessing anyone can ever as for.
I love you fam bam, and I hope you enjoyed this story about Ming Long. He's a cool guy, hopefully y'all will get to meet him someday! With all the Chinese who seems to love Taiwan, I'm sure we'll have plenty of visitors in the future. haha
But as for now, take care and until next week will I hear from y'all again!
Oh. and see you at Christmas time. ;) oh how that's gonna come A LOT sooner than ANY of us can imagine.
Love love love,
Sis Pao

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