Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I'M HERE!!! (or there...)


I'm kinda loopy right now so excuse any craziness or nonsense that I might speak of. I arrived in Minnesota Minneapolis (Bloomington is where the mission home is ) just about 4 hours ago. I am LOOOOOVING IT HERE. It is sooo green and it reminds me a lot of Canada. Grandma would loooove this place. I am safe and doing well. Loving our mission president and his wife. Being sooo loved here. And surprise surprise peeps, I am officially the FIRST native chinese speaker EVER here in MINNESOTA!!! AHHHHHH PIONEER-ING IT UP AGAIN. IM QUITE NERVOUS THOUGH, CUZ THAT MEANS ITS A BIG DEAL. 

But thats it for now, gotta go! Love you all tonnsssss!

The Lord is great! Ether 12:4


Sister Pao!

1 comment:

  1. There has never been any other person in Minnesota that speaks Chinese ever!!!

    That's actually awesome though. The Chinese population is completely untapped!