Monday, October 21, 2013

Living it up in Dinkytown Minneapolis!

Hola from Dinkytown Minnesota!

Hello to all you poppets out there. I am so excited to be able to update you all on all my exciting adventures and experiences out here on the mish.

First off, I have officially arrived in Minnesota, and this happened on Wednesday, for those who don't keep a track on my whereabouts, every second of my life!
Second off, and the MOST SHOCKING NEWS OF ALL is that....I will definitely be using  A LOT of Chinese while serving here in Minnesota!

Upon arrival, I was welcomed by my Mission President and his wife Sister Clements right off of the plane. It was wonderful, no wandering around and no chances of getting lost. There were around 25 of us all traveling here in Minnesota (finally met some of the people serving in Minnesota, because all of them were on the West Campus at the MTC).
Fast forward, we went to the mission home about fifteen minutes from the airport, and MINNESOTA IS BEAUTIFUL! IT LOOKS SO MUCH AND REMINDS ME SO MUCH OF VANCOUVER WHICH IS GREAT. I AM RIGHT AT HOME HERE!
Fast forward some more, we eat lunch and then i go in to have my interview with my Mission President. They are the cutest couple by the way. Without any delays, President Clements declares to me how excited he has been awaiting my arrival, and how much he has been looking forward to my arrival- assuming that he says this to everyone, i nod and laugh and so thank you as politely as possible. 
However, from there, he goes on to tell me that he personally requested me, a native chinese speaking missionary, to the General authorities of the Church, because they have been having an increase of Chinese investigators and converts. I am officially the FIRST native-chinese speaking missionary out here in the Minnesota Minneapolis Mission and...I will be teaching a lot in Mandarin, with an English speaking companion....ya....WHATTTT, NO PRESSURE AT ALL! craziness huh?

Well, speaking of companions. I have the cutest and most amazing trainer/companion at the moment. Praise the Lord, because secretly...I actually fasted and prayed for a first companion/trainer that I can get along with. And lo and behold, Sister Smith is beyond anything I imagined, actually she is just like what I imagined, because we are almost the same person. We love the same things, we love dance, we love dark chocolate, we have the same humor, we both have pretty good style (i like to think that), we both are prepared and diligent about missionary work, we both love the movie Ramona and Beezus, we both went to BYU Provo, lived in the same place freshman year without knowing, and we simply are just getting along sooo well. Sister Smith is from St. George Utah, is very tiny when standing beside me, imagine little blonde Tinkerbell, because that's what she was for Halloween growing up. Sister Smith has been an awesome trainer so far, and we are able to talk to each other about basically everything already. I have learned so much from about the way we teach, and about how we approach people, and she is very much a very consecrated missionary. I can't wait to share more stories with you all about the time we have together.

Alright on to the people I teach and where I serve.
I am currently serving in one of the most favored missions apparently. Lucky me! I am serving in a YSA ward, and we hold meetings at the Institute church building right by campus. That's like our home base building, where we teach all our lessons, eat food, and get fed by people. haha. I am serving in the Dinkytown YSA ward, and my place of contacting people is on the beautiful campus of University of Minnesota! The campus is gorgeous and it covers a large area, because it crosses over to the other side of the Mississippi River! I love this area, and I will have to take some photos and send it to y'all.

Since I'm at a school campus, there are of course tons of Chinese students here! These Chinese students are like our main target for investigators here and it is crazy to see how many people they have been able to baptize without anyone speaking Chinese.
I am hoping that while i am here, i will be able to help accelerate the teaching and help the chinese investigators better understand. although ultimately, the spirit already does so much to teach to there needs, and to their hearts. I am simply helping things move ahead-which i am still figuring out how to do.

ahhh i am running out of time. but here's a quick update of a miracle that i had last night. after conference at the institute building, we weren't expecting any appointments and no lessons for scheduled. but miraculously, a student that we had met contacting a few days earlier appeared at the church! he wanted to learn more and even thought that God had guided him to find us missionaries. we were beyond excited and i was overjoyed and wayyy over excited to have this unexpected time to teach. we taught him the restoration and invited him to be baptized because this is apparently what we do as missionaries now. yup! first visit you invite to baptize. It was great and i will have to tell you all more about it. but i am officially out of time.! 

I will learn to better use my time next week, but there's plenty to do.

All is good and the Lord is good and I am doing soooo well!

Love you all so much!

Sister Pao

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