Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dinkytown: Week 17: "Re-Focused and Reunited!"

Another week has come and gone, and Sister Smith and I worry more and more that we are going to get split apart soon. Transfers are in a week and a half again! My fourth transfer and according to all the rumors going around,  the tingling and excitment in the air are all saying that this will be a BIG CHANGE of a transfer. I am getting quite nervous and antsy because I rely on Sis. Smith so much! Whatever happens though, it will be a good new experience with MUCH more to learn! I am super stoked for whatever the Lord will be placing in my way. I believe the Taiwanese sister, Sis. Huang will be joining me here in Dinkytown. We'll see!
Steve Guo was baptized and confirmed this last weekend!!! Wahoooo!
He shared the sweetest testimony ever! He spent, I think a whole week preparing for it because he was so nervous about it! We met with him friday night to see how he is feeling, and he kept expressing, sorry I didn't read as much from the BOM, i was trying to prepare for my speech!
And lo and behold, he shared a splendid testimony. He talked about seeing us sisters on campus the first time we met, and how we had big "SMELLS (aka SMILES) on our faces. (Read it with a fob accent and you'll know why it sounded like that haha). He said that he knew that we were not going to rob him. haha
Ever since we first talked about baptism, he has always expressed how much he wants to feel clean and how much he wants to have a sweet family in the future. Now he has  is on the path to that and I am so excited to see how much more he will flourish in the Gospel.
Ah! i always run out of time but before I go, FAM! I SAW CAMERON AND CHARLOTTE ARCHIBALD THIS WEEKEND!
They came to my institute class and Cam still speaks really good Chinese.
I will have to give you all the update about the institute class next week.
It went well because the Lord qualified me for His work. It was super nerve racking and scary teaching in Chinese though! Pray for me!
Love you all, until next week,
Sister Pao

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