Saturday, February 22, 2014

Dinkytown: Week 18 "TRANSFERRRRRS"

We have been on the edge of the seat all week, anxiously waiting to find out where everyone will be going. Changes have been made, and they are quite DRASTIC I must say.
Sister Smith, sadly :( will be leaving me. So long my eternal companion, until we meet in the Celestia...just kidding. She's just going a little ways away from me to a place known as Little Liberia! She's gonna kick butt at serving and teaching all the African brothas and sistas! I'm jealous, because like you all know...I do love African people and she'll be baptizing FAMILIES. haha Anywho, I am super happy for her, and to know that we can all be at peace now. No more being on edge guessing and reguessing where we will be next week.
As for me, of course, I will forever be in Dinkytown, right at home with all me Asian brudders and seesders. I love 'em and I love this work! Although I won't be changing places, there will still be some huge changes happening in this area! I will be doing the second half of training for the new Taiwanese Sister, Sister Huang, who will be my new companion! President has officially began calling us the TC YSA "Chinese" Sisters. haha. That's what I am I guess!
On top of that, ANOTHER set of Sisters will be joining us. So instead of two sets of elders, there are two sets of sisters and the zone leaders! WOOHOOO! We now have friends!
I am super stoked for this new change. Changes are always good for me, because changes mean new learning experiences.
Speaking of learning experiences, I had a change of heart this week. I realized the reason that I haven't been feeling as accomplished although the work is going well is because I haven't been loving and thinking about my investigators as much as I should be. "The most successful missionaries always act out of love" - Elder Dallin H. Oaks (Thanks Shar for that fun book mark reminder). It is so true. Now as I go into each lesson, I ask myself as I sit and listen to each person I teach, "What would the Savior say to them, or How would the Savior love and teach and help this person? How would the Savior listen to this person?"
With that, I was reminded of the need to be humble and patient. Thank you Nina Markham (my beloved seminary teacher) for sharing with me your experience about helping your investigators feel the Spirit. I often get tied up in feeling the Spirit very strongly in lessons, however, it is clear that my investigators were not feeling the same things as me. I have come to the conclusion that this is because, once again, I was centered on what I was feeling and not on what my investigators would be feeling. I have now started to pray throughout the lesson that my investigators will feel the spirit that we are inviting in the room. I am slowly starting to learn the Christ like attribute of compassion, and charity.
As I have been teaching Institute class, I have been blown away by these new chinese converts testimonies. The times where I sort of force them to share their thoughts (they are still so shy and not used to sharing, but so much progress has been made and its only been the second week) are by FAR, my favorite thing to hear and feel. I love teaching because I love hearing them teach me!
Funnies of this week:
Sister Smith and I came out of our closets wearing the exact same outfit. We didn't even know! Guess we've been living together long enough that we are THAT in sync. haha
The night before Andrew Li had his baptism, we had a short lesson with him on testimonies. We asked him if he had other questions about his baptism and he said no. We reminded him to bring his towel (because for some reason, people always do!) He said yes for sure I won't forget! Then he said, according to the book the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe, there's a saying in it that says, "Don't Panic, and Don't forget your towel!" (Because apparenlty a towel is the most useful thing?...Idk, I've never read the book, but I thought it to be funny.)
Even funnier (I know that's not a word, quoting Ramona and Beezus...Cynthia would get me haha) , was that...he came, and lo and behold, he forgot his towel. Oh man! Luckily, we always have members back us up. The baptism was splendid and he shared a remarkable testimony. I swear, Andrew Li is going to be a General Authority some day. haha
Anywho, pictures will be attached!
Sister Pao  

Andrew's Baptism!
Sister Clements and Sister Smith
Institute class
Dinner with Brittany Nagel!
Matching day!

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