Monday, April 14, 2014

Dinkytown: Week 27 "Lamb of God"

Another spectacular week has come and gone. Our weeks are always so jammed pack with exciting events and spiritual moments.
This past weekend was especially special, as Sister Huang and I...actually let me rephrase that, ALL the missionaries have been looking forward to going to listen to the Lamb of God Oratorial performed by the Minnesota Mormon Chorale, plus guest vocalists from around the US. It was spectacular, and mesmerizing, and so so beautiful! If you haven't heard of this before, go look up the cd, go buy the cd, go listen to the cd! It will change your life! It was originally composed and created by Rob Gardner!
This week has been another week where I have felt even more drawn to learning and knowing about my Savior's life and His Atonement for us. There has been so many days, even today I must say, where I have had to face discouragement, where I have felt inadequate to teach, where I feel like I haven't said enough to help my investigators, or I still haven't mastered teaching in Chinese, where I have had to turn to the merciful arms of my Savior. He lives, and He has experienced it all! Not just the pains and the afflications and sufferings of this world, but of all worlds that have been created. His Atonement is unmistakingly and indefinitely INFINITE.
This constant reminder has been pounded into me this week as I met with a former investigator who had dropped away because she felt like she hadn't received any answers here. She took a break from meeting with the missionaries, and left to experiment life on her own. Keep in mind that she is only a young 18 year old student here at the U, where unfortunately to say, much temptations of the adversary pulls at these young students immediately once they accidentally mix with the wrong groups of friends. She decided that she wanted to meet with us again, and I could tell that it was an act out of desperation that she came to us for help. My heart dropped to hear of all the pain and sorrow that she had gone through and felt within these past few months where she stopped meeting with us. Just a confused 18 year old college freshman girl, not knowing where her standards and definition of true happiness falls, now comes back to us with a smashed self-esteem, and self worth. There was nothing that I could say to her to comfort her except testifying to her that her Savior knows her, and loves her. Jesus Christ, the Redeemer of all mankind is the only one that has experienced all that you have gone through, and no matter how unworthy you may feel right now, His arms are always outstretched to you. I felt sick inside to know that much of what she experienced could have been avoided; however, I know that Heavenly Father knows her, and will provide a way for her.
Sometimes, listening to all these pains of the investigators that we talk to takes a real toll on me. But at the end of the day, I am simply grateful for the steady anchor that I have always had in my life. That I never strayed too far from the straight and narrow, even though there were times where I rejected even the help of my Savior. My life is constantly being changed and molded each day as I have come to learn of my Savior.
With all this heavy talk, I wanted to leave you all with some silly photos.
All I can say is that...Sister Huang made me...and that we aren't becoming apostate!haha
Also, the sun is out! That means, A LOT more skin, will be seen on the U of M campus...hahah maybe I do prefer the winter better ;)
Love you all tonsss and missing you all!
Sister Pao

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