Monday, April 28, 2014

Dinkytown: Week 29

Sorry this week's email is so short! Got carried away looking at Transfer's call and replying other messages that time just slipped between my fingers!
Just know that I am yet still in Dinkytown! and Loving it! Sister Callister and Curtis are leaving us. Boo :( And now we are the only Sisters in this ward along with the Zone Leader. WE have no idea how are teaching pool will be changed up, and if Sister Huang and I can even handle all these people that will be sticking around for the summer. Many exciting changes ahead of us, but we will keep moving forward!
Since I don't have much time, let me just share with you some photos. We went to the St. Paul Cathedral last Monday for District P-Day. It was quite the cool experience, but further strengthened my testimony of the truth of the Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I'll be sure to share more about the experience another time.
Here are some thoughts from my letter to President Clements this week:
President, I just wanted to let you know how excited I am every time to hear from one of my youth friends, who are (Chinese-English speaking) like me that get called onto missions and share with me that they, as well, are serving on university campuses. And likewise to what we have here, are teaching an abundance of Chinese people from China. I have friends in England (Elder Wu), in Australia (Elder Shum), in Indiana (Purdue campus) (Elder Ma), in California, in New York (Elder Law), in France, who are all witnessing the SAME experiences that we are having here in Minnesota! It is again a witness to me that the Lord is building up his kingdom in China from out here.
President, I don't know if you've had the opportunity to look into those other mission's plans of action, vision for the area, and infrastructure for helping these Chinese investigators grow, progress, be converted, and trained to become future leaders. I think we could all really benefit by learning and sharing with each other. Sister Huang and I had the opportunity this week to work up a little project of our own to help our ward become more and more involved and accustomed with these Chinese converts, and vice versa. We put together a little Chinese-English-Pronounciation cheat sheet with basic chinese introductory phrases, the first four lessons, the first vision, how to pray in Chinese, how to bear testimony, and other useful church vocabulary. We planned it out with the ward and with our ward mission leader, and we plan to print out these notecards and laminate them, and give them to all the members in our ward. That way they can start to be a little more acquainted and can have a little more clue of what Sister Huang and I are saying as we teach our lessons in Chinese. We are excited to see how it turns out! If you want to see a copy, shoot us a text message, and we can email it to you?

Since I've already said so much in this letter, I just wanted to share with you what I am working on this week. In my morning studies, I read about Alma and his brethren as they go to teach the apostate Zoramites in Alma 31. Before they go forth, Alma prays for strength at the end of the chapter. It was really neat to me to see the order of his prayer. He starts off by asking the Lord for strength, and to have comfort in his soul in Christ. Then he goes on to pray for his brethrens (his companions) to have the same things--all in Christ. He doesn't end there though. From there, he goes on to pray for companionship unity! Oh and it doesn't end there as well, he goes on to pray for the people that he will come to teach. He then prays for specific knowledge to know how he can help his investigators. After all that, him and his brethrens go forth to serve without any delay! Because of Alma's faith, as it is said in the last verse of this chapter, their pains and afflictions were SWALLOWED UP IN THE JOY OF CHRIST. Isn't that a beautiful thought? My goal this week is to pray like Alma.
Enjoy this beautiful weather and pray that we stay dry!
Sister Pao

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