Monday, April 21, 2014

Dinkytown: Week 28 "Happy Easter-- the world is Alive!"

Happy Easter everybody!
Happy Happy days and beautiful Spring weather here in Minne"soooda"!
Well actually, it was still snowing earlier this week, but our lovely Mother nature was just getting all the coldness and bitterness, and white fluff out of her system to prepare for the Glorious Easter Sunday! The temperature sky-rocketed to a record of 70 F ! Oh Hosanna to the Lord! For He truly is Risen!
As the world around us is springing to life after 6 months of hibernation, my heart is overflowing with joy, and my testimony of my Savior Jesus Christ and of His Atonement is springing to greater depths, appreciation, and admiration.  This week, or even so this month, the biggest lesson that I have learnt is the ENNABLING power of Christ's Atonement. He truly provides us the source of power that gives us hope, motivation, and determination; to become better, to become stronger, to reach higher.
Only He can know how to help us because even in our deepest and darkest times, the Lord has never forsaken us because no matter what, we are all born with the Light of Christ. No matter how wicked, or how drug and alcohol, and guilt ridden we can ever get here in this life, God will always be with us in the form of the Light of Christ. But that wasn't how it was for Christ. What I've learnt this past week, was that there literally was a space of time where God withdrew His presence from His only Begotten Son, where in those moments, Christ literally sunk to the lowest place a mortal man can ever be, and thus, took the inifinite burdens of God's children upon His shoulders. HE WAS UTTERLY ALONE!-- something that my puny human brain cannot even start to wrap my head around or understand.
Funniest moment of this week was probably the lesson Sister Huang and I had Saturday evening. So lemme tell you the story of Shen. We met him on campus a few months back and got his contact information and all, but he was not very interested to meet with us again. Friday night, we ran into him again on campus and he stopped to listen and he expressed a lot of interest in religion. We taught him a Restoration and set up an appointment to meet again the next day. Keep in mind that this guy is an Archeology Masters' Student, who studied A LOT of history in the past. While expressing to us briefly his thoughts about religion Friday night, he kept bringing up the TV show Supernatural, or Van Heusen. Anyhow, we didn't really think much about that. We met him on Saturday and attempted to teach him the Restoration. But as we sat and talked a little more, he started going into different stories about how none of us have the right to claim that we know God and his true appearance and nature. And that there are only certain chosen ones on this earth, that have the power to work for God. He says that we all have specific roles, but that God is mysterious, and so we have to study and think carefully about what he wants us to do. Then he went into talking about how he is working for the left hand of God, and that he has been called in this life basically to help God banish those evil and wicked spirits down to Hell. Basically, to sum up this story, he believes that he is Van Heusen or seomething...Hell Boy or something to that sort! It was an epic lesson! I felt like I sat through that whole lesson thinking that I was in some sort of movie!
Funniest part of this lesson comes here though! As we continued to listen to him with as much empathy and love as we could, the inevitable thought that he might be a little not all that there kept popping into my head. I pushed it out of my head, and simply went on and ended the lesson. RIGHT after he stepped out of the building. Sister Huang and I stared at each other, and bursted out in laughter. Then she quickly whipped out her book of Mormon and showed me what she had flipped to by accident in her book of Mormon during the lesson. These are the words that she read midway into the lesson: (Mosiah 13:1) "And now when the king had heard these words, he said unto his priests: Away with this fellow; and slay him; for what have we to do with him, for HE IS MAD."
We're not claiming that he is mad, and don't worry fam, we will not slay him, but continue to love him and help him to learn about his Savior. But lemme tell you, I do know for a fact that our Heavenly Father surely does have a delightful sense of humor; or otherwise, sister Huang and I just truly know how to entertain ourselves. haha
Other fun highlights of this week! We were visited by some lovely easter bunnies saturday morning bringing easter baskets aka easter plastic bags to us!
We had a delightful Easter dinner with the Senior couples in our ward whom I love and adore with all my heart.
Yan spoke at the President's Fireside! Oh she is my hero!
...and so many more that I guess pictures will just have to do!

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