Monday, March 3, 2014

Dinkytown: Week 21 "We survived the Blizzard!"

Wow, another week has come and past! and We survived the Blizzard on Thursday fam! Don't worry about us! We trudged and trekked through it singing Onward Christian soldiers along with the other set of sisters. Definitely one of my favorite and unforgettable memories on the mish so far.

This will be a short email this week, because we had issues with emailing again this week. Nonetheless, things are coming along again here in the area. We definitely are still working hard on filling up our pools with people to teach.

Yan is finally having her baptismal interview this weekend, and then she will finally be entering the waters of baptism next Saturday. Its been almost five months since we've been meeting with her. She's a stellar almost practically a member- investigator though. We are so excited for the things that she will do accomplish as a member of Christ's church.

Other miracle of the week is that Qun came to church again! We have been working on getting him to church, and now he has been coming for the past two weeks. We hope that even when his homework assignments and research schedules pick up again, that he will still be able to prioritize and make God first in his life. It will definitely take some time to understand that, but we definitely can say that he has had steady changes of heart ever since we started meeting with him. We will pray that he keeps strong!

Recently we have been struggling to help our contacting lessons on campus become new investigators. People are willing to listen to our message but not willing to meet again! 
I am studying it out for myself to know how we can be more Christ like teachers, but if any of you have any ideas for us, let us know!

Love you all tons, and you are all forever in my prayers,
Sister Pao

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