Monday, March 17, 2014

Dinkytown: Week 23 "2 Nephi 5:28"

2 Nephi 5:28 "And [6 months] had passed away from the time [Sister Pao] left [Taipei]!

And Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Can't believe its been half a year on my mission already. Time flies when we're working hard and exclaiming peaceful messages and joys. It truly is remarkable to think that amidst all this joy, that I had a lot of struggles as well, but as I sit here and think back, only all the happy and joyous events resurface in my mind, and seriously FAR outweigh the struggles.
I know that nonetheless, it has only been through the struggles that I have come to grow to be who I am now. I still have so much learning to do though so seriously, I need time to slow down these days.
With my six months mark as of today, I wanted to simply take the time to bear my testimony about the joys that the knowledge of my Savior and my Father in Heaven has blessed my life. Life is hard and it will never get any easier. But the purpose of life, right from even before we came to this earth-- Heavenly Father's intention and goal for us-- is to find joy during the process. All I know is that this Gospel is the only smartest way and happiest way to live life. We can truly find joy through our trials and afflictions because of our faith in Jesus Christ and our hope and the assurances that we receive from the knowledge of our father in Heaven, of his eternal plan for all of his beloved children on this earth, and for eternal families. I know that this knowledge that I have grown up with was only made possible by the humble and sincere prayer of a young boy, Joseph Smith who wouldn't take just anything for an answer as to the question of our salvation. Joseph searched and acted upon the promptings that he received, and because of his courage and his diligence, we are blessed today with the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, and with the full knowledge that God loves us and still speaks to us today. He will never leave us alone, and we can access his love and guidance as long as we are obedient to the standards that He has set for us.
Because of this knowledge, I do know that families are and can be eternal. I am blessed with loving parents and siblings and grandparents, and I know my purpose and potential here in life. I have every reason to rejoice and be happy and to love and serve those around me, even when times are hard and dark.
This may be a simple statement, and not even adequate in explaining how I know all this to be true, but I do know that I am a better person, and in a better position in life than I could've ever gotten on my own elsewhere. I love this chance that I have to share it with all who will listen, and to try my absolute best to bless as many people's lives that I can come in contact with.
I hope you all of the most amazing week ever!
Sister Pao

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